What we do.

Delivering excellence in treatment solutions for denture wearers.

Essential Dentures focuses solely on dentures to ensure that our full focus is on giving you your smile back. We offer several styles of full or partial dentures, each with their own distinct advantages.

This patient originally had a full upper denture biting down on her existing lower teeth, causing excessive wear, indigestion and discomfort. We treated the patient with a full upper denture and partial lower metal denture thus alleviating all of these problems.





Full dentures - Our most popular treatment. Whether you are new to dentures or looking for a replacement, we will tailor a treatment plan that suits you flawlessly.

Immediate dentures - Working alongside an oral surgeon, we will have your existing teeth out and new teeth in - all on the same day!

Implant supported dentures - The closest denture treatment to having your natural teeth.

Partial dentures

Acrylic partial dentures. Plastic non-precision denture

Thermosens - flexible partial dentures

Metal frame dentures - chromium cobalt and titanium precision partial dentures.

Other services...

Repairs - Same day service, all general denture repairs.

Reline - Generally a follow up treatment to immediate dentures.

Additions - If you have lost a natural tooth, we can add another artificial tooth to your existing partial plate.

We can also help arrange general dentistry work if required.


At Essential Dentures we use the latest technology in denture fabrication to ensure your treatment plan is a success. 

We will not finish any work until you are 100% satisfied with the way your teeth look and feel.